Meeting losers

In my travelling days I’ve never had the pleasure of the infamous Delhi Belly until last week. I had it on the flight over which was a shame as the airline here had possibly the fairest female crew I’ve ever seen. The sight of me making faces trying to keep my guts in meant I didn’t get a refill of beer. But as I slept on the Indian reservation, it returned and I dashed from the hammock to the toilet, designed by worst enemy and cleaned by his best friend, to pour everything I had out. It never happens just once and on my second trip to the darkened place, I realised I was travelling again and smiled.

hey hey hey, the boy is in brazil. Just came back from 6 days on an Indian reservation. interesting stuff. damn poor but good tourism. the job is infact just tourism. we do little but play with the kids. being a kid again is great. busted my foot which hurt though. Drove along cracking pot filled roads into a storm at night, waded through water waist high to meet a silent Indian with a huge knife who paddled us up river to the reservation. there is where the cow, horse and snake roam. the houses are mere partial shelters, the kids friendly and curious. With no play station or drugs to take, they rely on the old games of playing football and beating each other up. The chief is a woman at the mo and the Indians do little but hunt and play music bloody loud. They are desperately poor and we did little to help for reasons which will be explained later. On the excursion was Michelle, a girl from London, me and Ian, a prize loser and the head teacher, Steve. He has little interest in teaching and so we just mess around and me and Michelle try and teach abit.

I am going to the reservation again next week for the tribe birthday party. I’ll post the fotos on the webpage later. just grabbed a moment away from a lovely married woman stroking my thigh to email. 22 is no age to marry these days. Apparently we are meeting tmrw but her English is practically non-existent and Dan’s Portuguese hasn’t had any days. The head teacher here (if u ignore me for a sec though I know it’s difficult to do) is a real non communicator and nerd. its already led to two stand up rows with two other teachers. I generally stayed out of it though I put my two bob in stating the lack of clear structure here. its turns out one major reason we are there is he has shagged the female chief and got her pregnant. He has a wife who is in the process of falling apart and the school is going down the bog due to mismanagement, a boss who has a serious complex and now debts. genius.

Lucky I am staying only two month anyway. I personally don’t care about the school and was never staying long which he knew but it’s really shitty to see his wife falling apart. the teachers have taken into their own hands to force him to change at a meeting yesterday. but the loser fucked off today to the reservation. We have a rent free place to live in which he can’t kick us out of and we’re concentrating on the orphanage during the day. But the way I don’t want anyone to think that I am not enjoying this. Apart from his treatment of his wife which shouldn’t be an issue for the school but it means he doesn’t turn up sometimes and that affects me.

been smoking alot of late which is nice and had some serious beers. The guy, who comes round selling, offered me some crack the other day which was thoughtful. back on the beer wagon though now till next month. So Brazil what does dan think….well as I sit in my hammock looking across the city, this one is a shitheap. Sao Paulo was alright and the reservation was great. the orphanage in town is a cool place. the boys are full of energy. took one to the cinema the other day for his birthday. one quid to see Daredevil. almost worth it. We are building an allotment at the orphanage next week. this weekend we are off to the mountains and having a party in town tmrw.

Will be seeing Luke and Rie in the next few weeks too in Bolivia. I’m off to bed now as I was climbing trees last night till 6am having had abit too much. Pamela, the too beautiful for words 16 year old who lives next door has baked a cake so I’m off to have abit.


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