Cos then I can have a baby……

People go travelling for different reasons. Some like the adventure, some the escape, some the cultures they meet and some like to have babies with foreign men after their mother in England said they couldn’t have one. This is the situ here. It’s been a cracking time.

After returning from the reservation, we’ve had a week of chilling followed by some vigorous exercise. After our discussion with the boss about the state of the school things have improved greatly. Steve is more communicative and Ian has gone to England to get married to a Brazilian woman after he has been refused licence to stay here. So with a foreign partner, they are both winners (or losers). Marriages of convenience eh? But now Steve and his chief girlfriend have been thrown off the reservation now and I have also heard she had lost the babies. What will happen now I am unsure but I leave soon. now back to the main event.

It’s been a week of getting to know the housemates via the fog of weed and vodka. alot has come out. Michelle from London is relaxed and shy, Alessandro is 18 (enough said), Christian is Austrian, speaks like one but a quality guy, two Scottish girls arrived, one a Kristin Scott Thomas look-alike dwarf and the other a reserved but nice holly. they are not staying long. Then there is Emma. for a woman of 35, she mentions her mother alot. She also hasn’t yet finished her degree and has a tendency, when she is drunk, to go on about old stories of men who dumped her. but last week she confessed the really reason that she is here. she wants a baby and then her mother will have to give her some money. she comes from a nice middle class family and therefore still believes in handout even though she is THIRTY FIVE YEARS OLD. When she told this plan to get a guy to inseminate her, I was lost for words.

so she has been sleeping with simba (not the lion king). after two days or two shags she announced to me that she was pregnant so she was going to tell him. I naturally urged her to follow caution but its okay as she will take the baby back to Wales where she will take care of it along with an orphan from the orphanage and “my mother have to give her some money then won’t she?”

there have been alot of highs and lows this week. It’s been university festival week so we’ve been there, getting wrecked with the students which is nice. Smoking some crack gave my heart some serious palpitations and anxiety which thankfully now has subsided though I add it scared the shit out of me and made me afraid to try to sleep as I felt something inside me had to give and unfortunately it felt like my heart.

This weekend we went to chapada national park which was stunning (see photo link). cascading waterfalls, red rock outcrops, ridges and plateaus and lots of wildlife. Magno was our guide, a student we met at the university and he proved a great guy. that evening the heavens opened and we danced and smoked to live music till the water was over our ankles in the town square, bordered by an old church overrun for mass this Easter weekend and bars galore. This country is ridiculously cheap and friendly. We have made loads of friends and u get a really good vibe around.

Quality of life is high here as with many places where the sun shines but I believe in all of South America the atmosphere is so relaxed and there is a genuine smile on most faces. I even like the taxi drivers here. last night we returned and today after cruising around with Antonio in his smart car getting the beer and meat for the BBq that we are having today for friends and students. Its 31C and all is fine. Better go and get some food.


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