>dali? i’d lama not

>cultural awareness is a vital weapon in the world of traveling. like learning a bit of the lingo, without it, u don’t experience the slights and insights, don’t get the bizarre wedding invitations or the free beer. as i have experienced in other places, u just get pissed with a bunch of foreigners in a foreign country. A bit of knowledge of culture goes a long way..

so when i heard a Salvador Dali exhibition was on its way to this neck of the woods, i jumped at seeing a master’s work. telling my work mate, (the one who had never heard of Che Guevara), I was pleased she had heard of Dali. I was slightly surprised when she asked if he still had no hair? When I informed her he was actually 10 years passe, she told me but she had “seen him on the news recently.” Then it struck me. She was talking about The Dalai Lama. “Oh, I’ve heard of him,” she replied.

Good question about the hair though. After all, he’s always changing his style, a buffoon one week, a quiff the next. Some people…


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