All in the name

Ever seen Hunter? It’s a staple diet here on AFN, American Forces Network, the network for the heroes that make up the US army. (hehehehehe). IN between the constant adverts encouraging the soldiers not to get involved in human trafficking again, they actually have programs. David Letterman, Jay Leno, the human rumblings on General Hospital, they make up our TV schedule. Great isn’t it? And let’s not forget Hunter, a geriatric cop show with panto villains, the occasional Hispanic and this week, Chyna from the WWE. Spoilt I was.

Hunter, an Eastwood cop, is played the less than stellar named Fred Dryer, a moody, laconic single man who keeps the pain inside to fight the good fight. God Bless America. Chyna’s part was limit to action thankfully, though the entire cast seemed to graduate from The Keanu Reeves of the Dramatic Arts. To thank the Lords (though I say this everytime) the show finally ended and I noticed on the credits, one girl who had a speaking part billed as Wasted Chick. That’s something for the resume.

Gabrielle Union? Actress. Went to UCLA. AS she struggled to make the grade, she was allowed to do some modelling……to make some credits up. If I’d be allowed to do that eh? Forget the Russian Dan, chin up, shoulders back, chest out. Nice. That’s it. Yes, yes. That’s good. Give I to me baby.

Ahhh, in my day….


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