Reasons to live in Manchester – part 1

I was settled at United. I had even ordered a new kitchen – Jaap Stam

About to hit the road

Sorry been away for a while. busy drinking through Lunar New Year, preparing to hit the road and cancelled the internet at my gaff. despite, I’ve had precious little personal news to tell. whats happened? quite a few beers, watched the Pride Show on the weekend and went to the children’s hospital to see Ga-Won. beyond that and a few beers, nothing.

But its about to change. heading to Thailand next week to meet Tom, then in Laos and China. up through central China to shanghai to meet the folks who are on holiday and then to Beijing, fly into North Korea, stay for a week and then out by train, off to inner and outer Mongolia and then I’ll take the boat back to Korea. stay two months and then off to Amsterdam for the weekend, meeting some mates, back for the summer and then off to south america for 6 months of work, sun, beer and travel.
you don’t know how it feels to be so close.
i’ll be posting soon enough
take care