>So who the hell are Australia?

After winning the rugby world cup final 2 years ago, England won the Ashes yesterday. I haven’t really followed cricket for many years but this summer has been classic, as tense a sporting occasion as you’ll find. And to sustain it for seven weeks to bring it to the final day justfies the length of a stupidly long game. England won the series 2-1 but outplayed the Austrlans consistently and should have had 3-1.

The celebrations in Traflagar Sq were a touch over the top but why not? The boys did themselves and the nation proud for seven weeks and then 17 hours in the bar afterwards.

After talent, the central contracts for me are the lynch. There seemed such spirit and belief in the team. Each man played for each other, a quiet steely determination resonated and while we all sat behind our hands, the boys went out there and won in style. Credit to Australia and especially their two great bowlers Warne and McGrath but all empires fall and the summer sun will be welcomed next year over English cricket.


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