Managed to squeeze in another city this summer. the old roman town of Bath, where people speak like Vicky Pollard from Little Britain and the quiet streets are stately and picturesque.

Its a pretty town and I was visiting Trish, a friend I met in Edinburgh a few weeks earlier. The Roman Baths, historical; The Royal Crescent, majestic; An Allegro, Class.



Chavs, Neds, Townies, Kevs, Charvers, Steeks, Spides, Bazzas, Yarcos, Ratboys, Kappa Slappers, Skangers, Scutters, Janners, Stigs, Scallies, Hood Rats, whatever you know them as, this site is about them, Britains peasant underclass that are taking over our towns and cities!

These guys and girls are everywhere, young simpletons that linger about towns wearing fake brands rivalling each other, tryng to look tough and looking to intimidate. they are one up from Pikeys but only cos they’ve got a house.

One more benefit of the new drinking laws will hopefully be these gusy get over-run by normal society in the evenings and the increased police presence and maybe they will see the benfits of entering into normal society. One reason to leave England.

China 2005

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Finally updated, named, sorted and arranged. Photos ranging from the smog of inner China to the mountains of Tibet, staring up at teh lights of Shanghai and sliding down from the Great Wall, from Jeroem’s shiny temple to Christine’s glazed eyes. enjoy…


>Maybe AC is right. Watching England over the last few years has been tortuous. The games are slow and painful, the players seem keen on hugging each other so haplessly close they play, when we are struggling, you just know we aren’t gonna win and when we dominate, nothing happens.

The heydays of England v Germany or beating Argentina and Denmark just seem to get lost in the wallow that is Wales and Spain or Portugal. The lack of passion from the bench, the real feeling that Sven is abit lost here and his career as a top-flight manager (which was always short-lived) is ebbbing away along with our chances.

We can win the World Cup but deep down you just know we won’t. We are asked to trust but like a Tony Blair speech, you just don’t quite believe what you are hearing. The spin has run its course and the lacksadasical performances for England from Rio, Lampard, Gerrard, and the Coles is in stark contrast to the Rooney, Robinson or Beckham.

I am not depressed about it but I just think Sven has run his course now. Or maybe its the qualifiers, I want to see the big games, against the global teams and beating Wales 1-0 just isnt doing it for me. The game was terrible.

>Welcome home


“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it” – G. Moore.

I’ve taken this quote from Alastair Humphreys’s website which is linked above. I was fortunate to meet him in Mendoza, Argentina a few years ago taking a few days off from his journey. We drank red wine for 4 days, getting thoroughly wasted and I missed the bus to Santiago three days running. His T-shirt, advertising his adventure I didn’t quite believe at first but it proved true. He really was riding alone around the world. He has just returned to Europe after passing through the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa, from tip to tip. Presently in Turkey, he is on his way home after more than four years, a lost girlfriend and some wine with me. All for charity. As Scott J would say I say, top man!