>Ga Won Charity Auction

This Saturday, Christine and I will attend the third Walkslow Charity Auction to raise money for the little Big Man, Ga Won. This is our first auction for him, but the ever generous Yoon has done this for three years to pay for Ga Won’s medical bills. He gives so much to the times when you meet him and though he won’t be able to attend on Saturday as he’s at home, his picture and cute smile will be with us as we flog goods (or ourself).



Credit to Steve R for sending me this. This is completely right. the article articulate exactly what more and more football fans are thinking. after all that money, where has he got? while managing middlesborough (the irony of having middle in the name shouldn’t be lost as i guess have the initials S&M, a byword for repressed people.) is not a glamour job, getting players there these days via waving the cheque book is more and more effective. But he just doesn’t inspire the team for the future. and if Sven is the tactician, what is McCarlen doing? The motivator (re: England v Brazil) or the new “Phil Yes Boss” Neal. Lets hope the FA see sense or I predict a riot.

>I’m no engineer but…


I don’t know why I find this fascinating but since I first snatched an image a few years ago, I’ve been wanting to find out about the massive flood prevention scheme being built under to Tokyo to negate heavy rains and flooding. The project was started 12 years and the extensive underground jungle now includes 12,000watt turbines and the largest tunnels in the world. Only the Japanese would see this as feasible and only pork barrel politics makes it possible. Those LDPs…

Range Rover Commercial Filmed Down There.

>Johnny Scores!!!

I’ve been following coke-head Jon for the last few months. The coke, sorry i mean injury, delayed his comeback and then sent him scoring in the wrong direction for two months but now he has come through and scored at the right end. Cards, adultery, drinking, gambling, otherwise known as the England squad, here he comes.