>another classic drop-the-ball moment from Sven

> What a muppet.
Villa? What a mercenary.


>Hotti gets his own video

this guy and his friends are getting killed all over the internet. photoshops, videos of him and his dweebs appearing everywhere. this is the biggest character assassination i’ve seen. this video is the climax.

>Guess what….

>Went to the Cu Chi tunnels today. And after that, usually you can grab an AK-47 and shoot a few rounds. But not now. Why? Well because last year a tourist paid for a blast, ran off with the gun into the forest and shot himself. His nationality?…..

>Now this is an idiot

>If u have time, check out this link. a guy puts his photo with his friends on a website and expects all to bow down to him.

check out the responses and what they do to his pics. go through the pages.


two examples

that’s not a forehead, it’s a fivehead.

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with shallow gene pool.

When he says his crew will throw down with anybody…does he mean have a dance-off?