>Souness fired

>Thank the Chuck Norris. Souness, a man who rivals Gullit in his ineptitude was fired while I was travelling on a long overnight bus. But at least Gullit had the grace to know he had done a bad job and left without compensation. Gullit also knew that Newcastle and him weren’t suited while Graeme hung in there like a guy dumped by his girlfriend but still standing outside her house, hoping to get back in the good books when she has turned the page. Freddie says he will wait for a new manager, I guess until after the World Cup but this has been a disastrous season and we are far from what we claim to be. But at least the bullshit from Freddie has started as early as normal. “We’ve already had a lot of top names applying for the job.” Yeah, you said that last time.

So what went wrong? Well this is a good summary but for me, everyone and I mean everyone frm the board to the players and the supporters just knew at some point Souness would be fired. It came sooner than we hoped but you can’t have a manager you know will be fired becuse we didn’t frankly believe in him. Maybe it’s time we didn’t have a great player for a manager. Look at Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Juve, Liverpool, Everton; all have great manager, all weren’t great players.

To be honest, it’s put a spring in my step. I am looking forward to the day.

Well I’m off to set up my part of the Sol Campbell support group. Maybe I’ll send him some money or a new Aston Martin to cheer him up.


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