The season draws in

Chelsea are champions, Birmingham are relegated along with West Brom and Sunderland and Newcastle still have a chance at Europe. Glad Birmingham went down, stops all that talk of Steve Bruce at NUFC and looking at his team, he´s built a first rate 1st division side (I know it´s not called that now.) Congratulations Brucey. There was a rumour too that hard-drinking, I mean long-suffering Craig Moore was man of the match and colossus in NUFC´s defence.

Portsmouth survive just, good job Harry, Liverpool are a decent side, Man U have to work to do and come on anyone playing Blackburn. And Alan Churbishley resigns. well, well , well. And Mourinho isn´t enjoying it as much. Still sulking I guess.

Lastly good luck to the Arsenal against Barca. Should be a good´un.

Bet he never thought he´d say that in his life

Ms Temple’s boyfriend, lorry driver Barrie Williams, 46, told the Daily Mirror: “I just can’t believe that my darling Tracey has been sleeping with John Prescott behind my back.

“How dare he split up my relationship with the woman I’d planned to marry!”

The poor guy, ploughing the same field as John Prescott, the man who said I’m told some Tory MPs think ethics is a county near Middlesex” and, “For too many Tories, morality means not getting caught”.

Alas he just looks like the corrupt fat controller he once protested against. The Mirror does a great story on it here. The last days of Tony Blair are upon us and far from the glorious end Tony wanted. Power really does corrupt all equally.

Back to Mexico

My time in Central America is almost over. I am pretty tired, mainly due to drinking, but that’s all over now (how many times have you said that?). I take the long bus back to Mexico city tmrw morning. will take about 27 hours. Then a few days soaking up memories and then off to New York. I have a cheap place booked and then I am off back to Europe.

I haven’t posted so much of late due to tiredness and being busy. there is much to be told.
Take care all

Matt and Minka

Congratulations to these guys (top left photo, left), finally about to tie the knot after Christ-knows how many years. The wedding will be in Tasmania in February (Liz will be there) which gives me another reason to head abroad, visit old mates in Oz (LP and Sarina) and New Zealand (Si) and watch The Ashes. Someone´s gotta do it.

NUFC turnaround

What a turn around at NUFC. January was the worst month I´d seen recently but now with Glenn Roeder winning 10 out of 15 games, Shearer breaking Jackie Milburn´s record, Shola Ameobi playing that we can only dream (That’s four in his last four games now for Shola, who is now just 167* goals away from beating Shearer’s record….) and Shay Given being rightly nominated as the best keeper in the Premiership, and NUFC so close to Europe, this season is undoubtedly “the greatest comeback since Lazarus.”

If only Shearer could have made it to his grand farewell but I am sure he couldn´t been happier banging in a penalty to silence the rabble at Sunderland´s Stadium of Plight.

Come On The Toon.

Vive Guatemala

Short but sweet, Cuba blog is coming soon. In Antigua, the old capital of Guatemala, nice place but not unlike other old Spanish towns in Central America. Went to Tikal yesterday, cool place but not unlike other Mayan ruins in Central America. Off to Lake Atitlan tomorrow, the most beautiful lake in the world according to Huxley and he knew a thing or two.

will email more soon.
take care

Just got back from Cuba

spent a week there.

awesome people especially the chikas, Havana was cool, nightclubs great and beaches damn fine. cool old cars and Havana central architecture especially the Capitalo building was astounding. Food nothing special, rum cheap and plentiful, not cheap to stay in, a few hassles but generally all cool. Would go back but not sure when.
Dancing in the street with the chikas and Omar drinking rum on a Sunday night was the highlight.

>Woo, this guy had a bad experience

>Later in life I started encountering a certain breed of woman. To begin with they never wanted to sleep with me. Now, this by itself is okay–not all women will want to sleep with me. However, this particular breed wanted to have me around to talk to and to make them laugh, because I was so “entertaining” and “funny.” Some of them went so far as to describe our relationship as that of “friends”, and a few even had the audacity to talk to me about problems they had with other guys.