Matt’s work

Matt Young, a man of changing hairstyles, laconic wit and funky shoes. An architect by training, an artist by nature, Matt will marry the equally talented Minka at the start of next year in…. Tasmania. Possibly a cunning ploy to keep boils away, but he knows a holiday when he spies one. I’ll be back in a minute boss, honest.

To the left are Matt’s designs, the above design is reflective of Kyoto, the ancient city of Japan, a city M&M lived in for 4 years. I was there a mere 7 months but we shared some beers on many occasions and will do in the future. It’s a fairly sleepy major city that survived fairly intact from the war only to be overrun by poor urban planning. But we had fun there.

The lower design is symbolic of the overall time and experience of Japan, incorporating the seasons of each year (the tops 3 segments) and the bottom segments reflect the 3 major cities of Kansai, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Kyoto (to cover the 2 years they lived there) which hosted Matt and Minka for those years.

Can you see it? Click on them and have a look.


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