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So the World Cup enters what Graham Taylor calls the second half of the tournament (thanks Graham for that) or as it is officially known as, the Second Round. England continues to struggle and Sven avoids brave decisions by changing the system instead of dropping people. Another Graham, our Poll ended his fleeting attempt to be a top grade (albeit along with hundreds of other referees) referee with a masterful display of school teacher arrogance and bluff. At least the other refs have the ludicrous Blatter rules in which football has taken over the rules of basketball, and touching the player with the ball is considered a foul. Good timing with Crouchy coming through.

Tonight the Swiss lived up to their boring Tag (see what I am doing there?) and produced a performance fitting with Sven’s half-time team talk; speechless. The Aussies were unlucky but failed to really go for it. France scrapped through and Korea got KO’d (down on one knee, yes! fisted raised). And the Lea Walker porno was a shocker. Horrible, horrible stuff.

Well life in England, like our team, is stumbling along, with little strategy and few tactics. I’ve started reading The Art of War by Sun Tzu to give me some clues into getting back into life. Travelling for most of the last year, I am being rather slow to get back into it. But like Big Brother, thankfully my dole period will end soon. I start on Sunday. Wish them luck.

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