Off for the weekend

Well guys, I am off for the weekend to Bath to see an old friend. Going to HarbourFest in Bristol and then a gig in the evening. Will be maybe back here for the party next week and then back to Devon (so I get to hear my music again) before heading north to York to see my older sister and hopefully her new-born child.

Life in Reading has been weird. Alot of strung out people now, bored and ready to move on but we’ve had a good time, made new friends and plans for the future. We’ve all agreed there is no way we’re doing this again!!

In the meantime, I am working on a pet project for the boys called The Buffet which will be revealed later this month. A classic in the making.

On the left is something to keep you warm at night. Paolo Rey.

The longest running comedy in Europe

Alongside The Mousetrap as the longest running show, Le Tour De France finished up this week. Not only did they ban the favourites before the race started for drugs, the subsequent winner was then banned for testosterone abuse. Of course he argues that he just happens to have unnaturally high levels of the stuff, though particularly at that moment. As per usual, the ‘wholly innocent rider’ had a few unannounced aliments that may have contributed to the miraculously high levels such as a hip operation, a thyroid problem and an issue with keeping a straight face.

What an Italian Farce

Bloody typical. The greatest scandal to hit the game in years; widespread corruption, from the clubs to the referres through to politicians and on appeal they are basically let off bar Juventus who stay demoted but get a slight points reprieve. For once I want FIFA or UEFA to get involved and punish these clubs for bringing the game into disrepute. Along with the Italian cheating, the diving, the howling of injury etc, Italy adds very little to the game. Fuck’em.

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European End of season awards – The Guardian

Best post-match sound bite

Jonathan Woodgate. After waiting 561 days for his Real Madrid debut, Woodgate made his entrance in style – by scoring an own goal and getting sent off. Appearing in the Bernabéu press area, he attended to the local media in Spanish before producing this gem for the English: “Fuck me. Fuck. Ing. Hell. My God. Where do I start? I’m still in shock. An own goal and sent off. What a debut. What a debut! After the own goal and the yellow I was thinking: ‘Jesus Christ, don’t get sent off’, and then I got sent off.”

Most misguided gesture

Getafe president Angel Torres’s suggestion that the club should stand up against racism by coming out for their next match blackened up with boot polish. Well, his heart was in the right place …

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Classic bit of Guardianism – Rooney’s autobiography

Rooney himself, of course, hasn’t put pen to paper since the original signature: it is penny-a-liner-to-the-stars Hunter Davies who has spent the last few months navigating Rooney’s hidden shallows. But even such an accomplished practitioner cannot present Rooney as other than dumb as a box of hammers.

His latest “revelation” is that he ran up £700,000 of gambling debts “out of boredom”. Hell, if Rooney reads his own autobiography, there’s no telling what he might do.

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No Duff deal

Damien Duff signed for us yesterday for a mere £5m. Freddie Shepherd has done it again. Just when you dispair at how shit he is, he pulls this off to give the fans some optimism about the coming season. Add Klose to the front line and we are a European challenging team and a match for anyone.

The night lies ahead

Class day today. went far better than expected and left me smiling especially as my Raymond Babbitt enjoyed himself in my class. I log on and NUFC are signing Damien Duff. cool. Now the weekend is laying itself open for me, the wine is coating my throat and the sun is ashining.

Look left, look right.

Sorry I’ve been away. Been busy but not busy doing nothing for once. Working at the Reading University summer camps has merely confirmed by vague ideas about nations and their people. The Italians have been a great pain, spoilt, rude and ignorant of English; the Turkish girls are polite and sincere, the boys are polite and competitive; the Japanese are polite, shy and funny and amazingly monolithic sometimes, standing in lines, getting confused easily.

It’s an interesting 101 to cultural anthropology and certainly the highlight of the weeks. It leans me to decide between societies I feel more comfortable in. The balance between conformity and diversity. But that’s just the outside view. I know there is far more to Japan than meets my one-eye. The Latin cultures have their characteristic flair, energy and volatility which may test the patience at times. Australia has a sunny side, a developing culture but an isolation I fear.

I don’t know what I will do yet. I finish here next week and before heading to Sweden for a weekend with the boys in September, I’ll have to work and maybe get a trip over to see Alex in, in Madrid. After that the summer will fade away, the darkness comes and life will seem longer. I’ve debated working over in Europe or somewhere else but with my sister having her second baby this month, it’s time to stay at home for a while and get ready for the big push-off. No life jackets now. It’s not a crossroad. These situations will forever haunt me but they are part of the road you choose or maybe stumble along. It’s no highway but the potholes, corners, traffic and view will keep me awake for a long time.

NZ policewoman works as call girl

“A New Zealand policewoman has been allowed to keep her job, despite moonlighting as a prostitute. The Auckland officer, whose name and rank have not been revealed, apparently took up the part-time work due to financial difficulties.”

The thing is she isn’t actually breaking the law as prostitution has been legal since 2003 but it’s still an interesting case