So what’s happened Dan?


Strolling around Reading City Centre today, I began to listen in on a conversation between the two women behind me. They were talking about faking orgasms, when they first did it, how they did it and explaining that it was great as it gives the man confidence to do better next time. Pretty frank street conversation and frankly, interesting to tune into. I slowed down to let them pass so I could spy a look at them and there they were, two girls, I estimate to be 15 at most. That’s England for you. Highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe! What a great set of girls.

Anyway so what has been happening? Well I’ve been back in England for 5 weeks, got marvellously drunk with Nathan and the band and ended up fighting in the garden till 9am; had a few good nights with Steve and Luke; especially last weekend with the two together, a rare instance. The weekend in Birmingham at Ade turned into a 5 day beer and PS2 table-tennisathon to the soundtrack of the Dirty Dancing CD. Si and Ben were there which was cool to catch up. And I made it to James’ wedding the other weekend, a gentle affair with plenty of beer and pleasantries.

Now I am in Reading working to get a quick buck, teaching lazy, spoilt mostly Italian kids. They are great kids but the characteristics of farce that is the Italian economy shine through these kids. We have Turkish kids here too and they reveal much too. They are hyper-competitive, arguing over every game and are happy to cheat to win alongside their Italian colleagues. The nicest are the Montenegrins who are just a lot of fun loving souls.

I’m here for the next three weeks but have plenty to look forward to. Eloide, a girl I travelled with in Vietnam arrives in London next week but Ben, her fella I met in Cambodia is still on the road, envy……, but we’re meeting up next weekend. Dr Luke lives just down the road, Steve isn’t far away in London, theMightyAC is here for a few days in two weeks and I’ll try and catch Trish near the end of the month.

The World Cup is over after England’s exit. I could write all day about it, how disappointing yet obvious it was. Having such a good first team and a decent bench but a poor selection policy and an inept manager and assistant who lack tactics, passion and balls to make hard choices was obvious from the start and Joe was right when he regularly voiced that. Good to see Hargreaves getting the respect he deserves, Rooney was left isolated, Lampard never once hit the target and should have been dropped, the defence was strong but innovation in the middle was seriously void. Very, very poor.

Anyway as the job is under control now, I’ll have more to post soon. Got the photos from Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba from Ben now so I’ll finally get that up and send a link out. Scotty and Sarah are well and come back soon. LP informs me he maybe over in January for a week but Ashley won’t be over now in September as she’s taken a job in Nova Scotia of all bloody places. I’ll get the Mexico stories up too and a review of the trip and recent photos.

And one more thing I noticed today. My Socrates T-shirt, given to me by Paul. A great shirt, ordinary folk have crossed streets to ask me where I got it but it goes unnoticed by non-football fans and kids here. Alas even we greats have to fade into the tapestry of life.

Advance La France!!


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