South Korea just doesn’t get it

“Japanese political leaders are making dangerous and reckless remarks invoking a `preemptive strike’ in an attempt to further intensify a crisis on the Korean Peninsula,” Chung Tae Ho, spokesman for South Korea President Roh Moo Hyun, said in a statement today. The comments reveal `Japan’s nature of aggression so we cannot but be alarmed.

The usual South Korean Governmental statement shows the usual failing to see the wood for the trees. Japan is worried and having missiles flying over its country and into the sea nearby is a very dangerous situation. What would happen if one of those missiles veered away or fell over Japan.

The South Korean Government is worried about Japan re-arming after the militarism of the 1930s but those days are far gone now and Japan is an international player. That’s exactly what either Korea isn’t here. South Korea must realise that the greatest danger to its near and long-term security and economy is North Korea. How many people have to be kidnapped? How many years must North Koreans live in dire poverty or work camps? South Korea muist starting working with the regional powers to get rid of this dictatorship.

While South Korea’s statement was meant to have a multiple effect of criticising Japan, placating China and North Korea but mostly the nationalist within the south, it merely annoys right minded people and long term strategists. North Korea is in the wrong here and its gesturing is putting the lives of up to a billion people in many countries in danger. South Korea must be stronger here and realise the sooner they take the medicine the better. No pain without gain they say. The North Koreans are living through hell here while its totalitarian government rambles on. This is not the time for petty, historical moves but an end game to come about. If South Korea, Japan and China can find an end to this crisis, a new bridge can be cemented between them and can last for a long time.


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