Well it’s been busy

Just a quick update of the dramas of the last few weeks.

Well the job was good, at least the teaching was and my fellow teachers were all cool. The evenings spent drinking wine on the grass as the month wore on were as relaxing as could be until some local jobsbworth turned up to move us. The ISIS management never failed to not make a big deal of every small detail but in a very un-Japanese kata.

After all the Japanese are known for their thoroughness but ISIS were happy to overlook the rampant drinking of the Activities Director and his sexual harrassment of his staff. The discovery of the Academic Director’s large bag of weed found on the foyer floor as well as the new member of staff brought in after Spike was fired for being drunk managing to turn up almost everyday meal completely stoned off his face. And add to that, the blatant ripping off of the groups by the Activities Director to provide drinking money for the staff.

The other teachers were excellent fun, professional but relaxed and we bonded as a group and enjoyed being around each other. I also got a weekend drinking with Steve and Dr Luke visited for a night as well as the mighty AC. I got to Bath to see Trish but while i enjoyed it, for a variety of reasons, it didn’t really work out. And the company took us on trips to London, Windsor and Oxford. I enjoyed it but wouldnt do it again.

After a few days in Guildford and the farewell party, I am now in Devon, looking for a job, sorting out a website and feeling envious as I turned down Nath’s offer to go to the Ripcurl Music Festival in Cornwall for the weekend. Well I’ll get the photos up soon and I know have the Cuba and Guatemala photos too so I’ll finally get them up.

Enjoy your summer guys and wish me good luck!!


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