The Forgotten Royals

You can find some amazing stuff on the Internet and especially through factually websites. For example, I took a course in anthropology a few years back when bored in Korea. That was interesting. But today I surpassed it.

Did you know there are 3 members of the Royal Family who are locked up in mental hospitals in Surrey and another which the Royal Family declared had died in 1940 but it turns out she hadn’t. Can’t belie. All fairly junior members but cousins of The Queen. They all have mental ages of under 10 and have spent their lives in institutions.

“She (Katherine Bowes-Lyon 1926- reported dead in 1961 but actually still alive) was joined at the Royal Earlsworth Hospital by three of her first cousins who had been certified mentally disturbed, all daughters of the Hon. Harriet Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis and Major Henry Nevile Fane – Idonea Elizabeth (1912-2001), Rosemary Jean (1914-), and Etheldreda Flavia Fane (1922-).”

Whether the births are genetic is hardly debatable. Whether from inbreeding is not worth thinking about. The story is actually quite heart-breaking, a story of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and formality that was very prevalent in Royal dealings from weddings to mental disease until the Royal Family were forced to face the world and justify itself in the 1990s.

These family members haven’t received Royal visits for over 60 years. The Queen may have talked about an Annis horribilis, but for some Royals it’s been an aevum horribilis.

An Article I found on it is here.


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