>Big weekend indeed

Well it was meant to be and was. Beers, a random nightclub, £55 taxi to Guildford at 3am, Scrubs, bar girls, a guy playing the trumpet, more bar girls, two nurses, a policeman, Nighty Night and plenty of bacon sandwiches. Lost my sunnies though. Damn. Only cost $1 to buy in San Jose but will cost a five hundred to replace.

<—— The Friday Night Crowd

Harps, his bro, Dr Luke, Ali and Steve.

<——-Just for reference.

I start work this week. Thank God. Can get some normality to life, plan for the future, do regular exercise (BJJ) and start my Japanese refresher course. A regular life for Dan.

Beautiful sunset tonight. Rich colours, solid and inviting.

I finished the Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien, a great recommendation by Joe. And I’m almost through a modern history of Turkey, a place I didn’t know enough about. Next The English Patient and Gravity’s Rainbow. I’ll pick up a history book too tomorrow. Any recommendations?

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