Weird Japan – This isn’t as uncommon as you might think

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>US school siege ends in bloodshed

A gunman and one of the teenage girls he was holding hostage have died after police stormed a school in the US state of Colorado.

Oddly when I saw this headline and then read the first paragraph (printed above) I expected much more. Maybe 6 deaths, a few explosions etc. I’ve become to immune to a degree, anticipated mass casualties in another American shooting incident from which people never seem to learn. It all just seems normal now, the bloodshed, tears, horror and lawsuits.

The Enigma of Koizumi

Junichiro Koizumi retired today as the Japanese PM, after 5 years in charge of the world’s second biggest economy. His time has been one of the more successful of recent years. It has seen the ending of the Japanese recession and the country has moved forward politically. Its a great achievement though he promised so much more. Breaking old habits and traditions is near impossible in Japan and while, Koizumi will be criticisied for failing to deliver those grand changes, he did start the ball rolling and allowed the younger generation who have grown up in this recession a chance to get involved. Politically Japan should see great changes over the next few decades as the war generation and baby boomers die out and the young who have grown up with economic problems provide more flexible answers.

Koizumi was seen as a young PM at 59 but his successor is a mere 52, a whipper snapper in Japan, but like many, he is born into politics and has worked there for 34 years now. He has the chance to be a great PM, with a growing economy and an empowered populace. Great issues lie ahead, the pension crush and foreign policy. But Japan is more flexible now and has always had it’s liberal side. There is room for all thoughts and Japanese companies are again leading the way in many sectors. I’ll be back check to someday.

One curious bit of information about Koizumi is this. He is unmarried, very rare in a modern politician. But he has been married and has three sons. And that’s where it gets weird. He had a political wedding but tradition got in the way. Read below…

Koizumi married 21-year-old Keio student Kayoko Miyamoto in 1978, having proposed to her one day after their first date (which had been arranged by Koizumi’s political aides). The ceremony at the Tokyo Prince Hotel was attended by about 2,500 people, including Fukuda (then Prime Minister), and featured a wedding cake shaped like the National Diet Building.

The marriage ended in divorce in 1982. Miyamoto was unhappy with her lifestyle and Koizumi did not see Miyamoto as a viable political wife. After this divorce, Koizumi vowed never to marry again, saying that divorce consumed ten times more energy than marriage.

Two of his three sons (Kotaro and Shinjiro Koizumi) were kept in Koizumi’s custody and raised by one of Koizumi’s sisters. Although Miyamoto claims that she was to be allowed to see her two sons once they reach the age of 16, this did not happen and she has not been able to see them since the divorce. The youngest, Yoshinaga Miyamoto, a student at Keio University, was born following the divorce and has never met Koizumi. This third son is known to have attended one of Koizumi’s rallies, but was also turned away when trying to meet his father by attending his grandmother’s funeral. Such situations are relatively common in Japan, where the law does not provide for joint custody by divorced couples.

I doubt that situation would happen again today to such a degree but there is a deep sadness to the story.

>Filmmaker pawns the Critics

>The director said it was just a publicity stunt and then proceeded to ko them all in a boxing match. top man. fuck the critics

“The dude after me was throwing up and had an EMT by his side for about an hour. He eventually had to have an oxygen mask on. The dude after him was all bloodied up and looked like crap. They too made the mistake of believing Uwe Boll when he said it was just a PR thing, since neither really trained.”

Story below…

A German film-maker repeatedly panned for making bad films has been – quite literally – hitting back at his critics in a boxing ring in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

Director Uwe Boll took on four of his critics in a boxing match, after he became so annoyed at the barrage of abuse he received from them.

One critic said the horror movie-making Mr Boll was one of the “most inept film-makers ever”.

But it was the director, now dubbed “Raging Boll”, who emerged victorious from a boxing ring in Vancouver, watched by a crowd of 600 people.

After knocking his detractors out in the ring, Mr Boll accused them of judging his films unfairly.

“If you make a zombie movie like House of the Dead, what are they expecting? Schindler’s List?” he asked.

Critic Jeff Sneider of Ain’t It Cool News did fight back, but not in the ring.

He said Mr Boll had told him the match would be a publicity stunt.

“I think he’s a jerk,” said Mr Sneider after the fight. “This might be PR, but I don’t want to keep getting punched in the head.”

Another critic said he did manage to punch Mr Boll in the face a couple of times, calling it revenge for Boll’s latest film, BloodRayne, a vampire flick starring Ben Kingsley.

Here is another quote from the director about a previous film. this guy is so classically German its ridiculous.

“They were better than actors. We looked for local Romanian actresses, but there they are all from the theater and act very broadly. For 150 euros a piece the whores would be naked and do as they were told. It was better.” (in an interview for Bloodrayne: The Movie talking about why he chose to use prostitutes instead of actual actresses