I left work at 6pm tonight. Overrun all day, sorting out various problems. Cajoling, experimenting and ultimately fixing problems. Good for the esteem, not that this lad lacked any. It energised me, made me wanna stay longer. While these days the make-up is merely daubed around the eyes on my work colleagues, the tiredness shining off their cheeks, rubbing into their eyes, I felt good. Wooohhhooo!

But 6pm? I had been there since 8am. 10 hours. But the time I get home and fed, there will be a mere 4 hours or so until bedtime. Its ludicious. How am I meant to get any real worthwhile work done? Am I meant to wait until the weekend, grateful to my employer they have granted me such a reprieve?

Its not my work here though. I quite enjoy it in a functional way. But that’s the rub. Its functional. What I really enjoy doing I can’t. I’ve got no time or am too tired to get motivated over it. Lucky this is a mere temporary a bit of ‘real’ life. I live close to work. I wouldn’t work anywhere else. I get my cardio/belly workout every morning and evening on the bike to work. It’s a time liberating exercise allowing me to get to and from work quickly, feel the world run through me, and get some exercise. I’d always be this way. I don’t mind taking the subway or bus; it’s an opportunity to read or study. It’s about time management I suppose. Damn, that’s depressing. Making the most of the time I have, be that daily, weekly etc.

And that time management, which I am fairly conscious of, leads to me the wide-eyed, gaped-mouthed, limp-cocked understanding of modern working life in European sweat house UK. For most, work is unenjoyable, justified by a wage which allows you to keep up the mortgage and bills payments, allowing a night out a week, saving for the future, a holiday a year and the hold grail of owning your own house. woooohhhooooo!!! (I wonder if Bill Gates still looks at his monhtly pay cheque, screams out loud, ‘Yeah, let’s hit the town.’)Except you’ll be a mere 20 years from death by the time you’ve achieved that. Woooohhhhoooo!!! I’m a near-dead man but I got a house. Woooohhhooo!!

I’ve got different sunsets to see.

(PS. I can’t get that Homer Simpson cheer out of my head)

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