>NUFC – Time for a Change

>Well it’s just over 25% of the way through the season and NUFC are in 16th place. We can moan on all we like about injuries but apart from Owen and Shola’s hip, there aren’t many now. The fact is we have 9pts from 30 available, 9 pts in 10 games. We’ve only conceded 13 goals but scored a mere 7. So defence is our strong point? How many times have we seen our defence look stupid and clueless/ With an attack and defence like that, we are truly f##king useless.

Is Glenn the man for the job? Well everyone knows that a no. We all like him and he did himself proud last season but Glenn is the kind of manager who inevitably gets fired. So what do we do? We won’t get relegated here, not even close. But what do we do? We’ve a decent squad but have wasted over £20m on signings like Luque and even Martins. Players we don’t really need. The defence looks strong at times but you always fear for them. The midfield is strong, solid and organised with enough flair to create chances that Duff, with his redundant right peg, can’t put away.

We need Shola to play. Need to play Butt and Solano who add a little dependable class, rarely giving the ball away. Parker is class. Milner is hard working and skilled, N’Zogbia can beta defenders but his final ball is lacking. The team works hard but always looks that way. Nothing is effortless, smooth passing movements are rarely the hallmark of NUFC. More often you’re going to see a bundled shot, a lucky break from a ricochet. Well that’s down to training and work off the field.

I have no doubt the players respect Glenn, are working hard for the fans and the club. They want to win but the breaks aren’t coming. But we barely deserve them. Luck is granted to you when you are unlucky. We’re not unlucky. We’re not good enough. Time for a ‘world-class manager’ Freddie and I mean world class. A manager who hasn’t failed at any level. Give him the spending power. A manager not unlike Bobby Robson. Or Alan Curbishley, a manager used to dealing with the average.


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