Hey there

Well its late and I am tired. Bedtime soon. Life is pretty good. Been musing of late, a little melancoly but nada serious. My social life is slow but the way I want it. Been having fun now and then, working a lot, reading and studying, watching NUFC surprisingly beat Fenerbahce. Can’t wait for London though to see people. And I’ve gotta start making plans for my trips but I need to sit down and talk it through with some mates which is what I am lacking at the mo. Guys like LP, Dr Luke, AC, Scotty, Steve etc. I’ve got ideas which are pushing me in directions but I need a start off point, a moment of clarity, a push off wall, starter gun. When I went travelling last year again, it was partly on the advice of Scotto who told me I had time and not to worry about my murky thoughts. He was right and damn, that was a trip. The days, weeks and months are moving on here relentessly, money is being earned but the value is empty. I don’t really care about money. I guess because I haven’t a clear aim or anything bar Lonestar to think about.

Anyway…remember that crazy Japanese girl Keiko (if you don’t, click here). As a group, a lot of mates emailed her to see if she was for real. Well I got an answer back from her. I know quite a few who emailed her. I asked her why she liked white guys and her reply was;

They are better doing sex. Are you????? ^_^

What a classic. There was much speculation that she might be a fake but I don’t think so. I can, and other friends can, attest to the stalkerish obsessions of Japanese girls, made even less comprehensible by the cultural and language barriers that exist in Japan.

I’ve made my grand plans for until I leave the UK.

–> Finish my Japanese textbook
–> Finish Crime and Punishment, Ulysses, and Gravity’s Rainbow. Three great books I’ve started but never finished for many reasons.
–> Keep exercising. I feel much better at the moment.
–> Keep the mind active with worthy activity. It make me appear grumpy when I don’t get involved in the office gossip but I just don’t care enough.

I heard a story today from a guy I work with. He lives next to a pub and the other night, around closing time, sat in his living room, he heard a couple leaving the bar and grumbling to each other. The man suddenly, held the women against his window by her neck and said,

“You bore me to tears. Bore bore, bore, bore.”

Is that what life for some or many comes to? Another girl at work told me her life had barely started when she got pregnant. I’d feel despairing and get involved but I fear there are too many with the same story. For many life’s happiness hangs like a thread, the inter-dependency in life partnerships can provide great rewarding and potentially devastating. I’ve seen it my own family. Thinking you were going to get old with someone, for it all to fall apart. Havign the sadness of growing old alone. Then again, i have seen with my own parents the love they have for each other.

I am nearly finished Don DeLillo’s excellent White Noise. A couple love each other deeply but both fear the other dying before them, wondering if and how they could go on. It’s a scary thought which all of us must face sometime. Once the thought is unleashed, where can you go from there. Can you ever avoid it? Maybe I shouldn’t ask but I want to know what people feel about it.

Just flicked on a serious, sombre arts show on the BBC, reviewing Sean Penn’s new fim All the King’s Men. The presenter turns to the first artist to ask his opinion of the film and it’s a dude in a dress. Cool. Funny stuff.

Have a good weekend.

Take care


>Gotta love and hate Wikipedia

>Harry “Arry” Redknapp (born March 2, 1947) is an English former footballer who has had a long career in football management and is the current manager of Portsmouth F.C. of the English Premiership.However, he is best known as a lover of scat sex.

See Arry here

27/10/06 edit: Being wikipedia, the page has been edited now. But that was only a matter of time. Knowledge gets distorted and intertwined with myth constantly at wikipedia. It’s self-perceived history. That’s what wikipedia is about.

>Back off Butch

>Well everyman has his opinion and has a right to express it without harm, Butcher does have a tendency to give his negative views too often or maybe the BBC just listens too much in a desparate grab for viewer’s interest. Sure, we’d like Wenger to be England manager, sure we don’t like McClaren and think he’ll be a failure but when Butcher became qualified after his average stint at Motherwell and his subsequent ‘move up’ to Sydney FC, I must have been travelling and missed his highlights.

>Of course we all agree…

>So a military officer has stepped out from the political shade, naively so, to speak up as the head of 100,000 individuals about the legitimate worries he has financially and on a personal level. For these are poorly paid soldiers sent out to invade and maintain a peace in a hostile land under a much-maligned illegitimate policy. However whatever you think of the invasion, the boys on the ground, especially British troops who tend to be more politically realsitic, are there, in a foriegn land, bravely carrying out orders. A good politician, of course gets other to lay their life on the line for his policies.

General Dannatt, the head of British Armed Forces speaking to a Sunday tabloid, ‘our troops were exacerbating the problems by remaining in Iraq, that a withdrawal should begin soon and that the political aims were naive.’ Sounds about right. Of course, those lofty (read stupid) political aims came from the White House and you have to question if they really were economic and not political aims. But Blair happily followed, being the greater fool to Bush’s fool.

Now Blair spins it out that the General and himself are in full agreemnt and it’s merely the media that is spinning these words to create a story. A wanker to the end, there is no doubt that they do agree somewhere but the degree of agreement and the level of honesty is vastly different. Twisting arms and words doesn’t work anymore. It’s the boy who cried wolf, it’s consistent liar. No one cares anymore. Blair has made a mockery of politics in this country, agreeing with everything that is popular and then spinning it when circumstances require. It’s boring now. It’s too much. I am apathetic about it all. His legacy is shot. Time to close this chapter and hope future British politics are more worthwhile.

>This Contented Man


Ahh what a nice week. I’ve been working quite hard you know. Not hard actually but a lot. Have to be in at 8am everyday so it takes it toll eventually. But I’ve found time to enjoy myself. Nathan and I went to see Powderstrip on Wednesday, a Dresden Dolls-esque band with a hotter singer. I’ll be seeing them again sometime.

Last night, I went to watch the Secret Policeman’s Ball 2006, a mixed 3 hour comedy and music show, with people like Eddie Izzard, Sarah Silverman, a few Irish comedians and Russell Brand and The Mighty Boosh. All were genuinely very funny and tackled tough subjects such as AIDS, rape, poverty and human rights issue. Sounds serious eh? But this gig was in aid of Amnesty International. A great gig, full of intelligent, thought-provoking comedy.

I’ve been home-alone for the last 10 days and enjoying immensely. I’ve been up early even on weekends and loved the access to life you gain when making the most of time. I ride my bike everyday to and from work or town and love seeing the cafes busy with conversations over breakfast. I forgot Exeter had these kind of places. They look great when the masses aren’t there. I let my prejudice from childhood cloud my views. The area used to be somewhat seedy but has been renewed and anyway, I’ve got clearer eyes now. I’m also busy reading ‘The Shaman’s Cloak’ concerning the history of the Siberian tribes and Don DeLillo’s ‘White Noise’ about life and death as we get older. Both absorbing.


>“But it just makes me and the players more determined to turn it around.”

God I hate that comment. Err, just leave Steve. Now this isn’t about losing to Croatia or drawing with Macedonia. It’s about the sheer ineptitude of the performances for the last 3 years and nothing Steve has changed.

I dont even know where to start with that performance. it was shameful, scandalous, a national embarrassment.

Change the system…why? are we not england? or are we middlesbrough in disguise. name me a great team that changes its system? the anger central defenders, the empty faces of the players. they hated the system and didnt know what to do in it.

Here was the grand plan. cole charges down the left, no doubt Steve told AssCole, get at them. carragher was there to cover him, while neville plays right back. how long do u reckon it took Croatia, a fairly educated country, to see that plan? so we enter the game fearfully of losing.

The midfield, where were they?
Spot the difference,
One is slow, nice pass, good shot on him, discarded by england. the other is frank lumpalard. insert should where you please. o’carrick where art thou? feel bad for scotty parker to get a debut in a game like that. he had no chance.

My biggest cheer was in the 90th minute. we had a shot. i genuinely wanted Croatia to score and score alot. 4-nil, 5-nil. just hammer us please, we deserve a beating. we’ve been bad, very bad. and I don’t think this is being stupid. Steve has got to go. The inevitability if his sacking is painful. He’d better learn from this.

>A Plan Dare I Say

>When I was asked what do you want to be, I said a journalist. I was about 11 or 12. When they asked me later, I replied a diplomat. If asked if I am concerned with the domestic or international realm, I grabbed my bag and headed to the aiport. Whether a place or a situation is interesting, depends on the story or picture I see.

I’ve been enthused by this North Korean crisis, have discussed it with friends and people I know on the Internet and have thought and written about it (as you can see below). And most of the analysis which took me a few minutes to decipher, analyse and conclude, has so far, been repeated by the papers and in diplomatic statements. I haven’t been completely correct, you never can be when human reactions are concerned but I’ve been able to analyse and conclude very quickly and concisely. The same was true with the Thailand coup and the elections in Brazil. This, undoubtedly is where my future lies. It’s what i can do and do well and I enjoy it. Must focus.