>Cricket Sledging


Consider the legendary exchange between Glenn McGrath and the Zimbabwean Eddie Brandes after the latter played and missed for the umpteenth time;

McGrath: “Brandes, why are you so fat?”

Brandes: “Cos every time I f*ck your wife she throws me a biscuit.”
Public schoolboy bullying at its best.

>Robbo resigns

>About 7 months too late but finally, Andy Robinson resigns as England coach. 8 out of 9 defeats, looking bewildered at every turn, there was nowhere for Andy to go.

England lost and deservedly so, beaten by being technically and organisational incompetent.

The talk of Lawrence Dallaglio returning makes me wonder whether Andy Farrell was meant to be the answer to the leadership, ball-carrying, ageing, knackered-kneed, tough tackler vacancy?

>Some weekend football chants


“Mike Newell’s Sexist Army!” Luton fans during game with Derby

“The referee’s a woman!” Luton fans every time the male ref made a bad decision.
“We want a woman ref!” Chanted by Derby fans whenever a decision went against them away at Luton.
“We dont pay Council Tax!” Chant during Edinburgh University’s first round Scottish Cup match to the opposing fans.
More here

Alexander Litvinenko died this morning

“I would like to thank many people. My doctors, nurses and hospital staff who are doing all they can for me, the British police who are pursuing my case with vigour and professionalism and are watching over me and my family.

I would like to thank the British government for taking me under their care. I am honoured to be a British citizen. I would like to thank the British public for their messages of support and for the interest they have shown in my plight.

I thank my wife Marina, who has stood by me. My love for her and our son knows no bounds.

But as I lie here I can distinctly hear the beating of wings of the angel of death.
I may be able to give him the slip but I have to say my legs do not run as fast as I would like.

I think, therefore, that this may be the time to say one or two things to the person responsible for my present condition. You may succeed in silencing me but that silence comes at a price.

You have shown yourself to be as barbaric and ruthless as your most hostile critics have claimed. You have shown yourself to have no respect for life, liberty or any civilised value.

You have shown yourself to be unworthy of your office, to be unworthy of the trust of civilised men and women.

You may succeed in silencing one man but the howl of protest from around the world will reverberate, Mr Putin, in your ears for the rest of your life.

May God forgive you for what you have done, not only to me but to beloved Russia and its people.”

PC is cleared over fast food dash

I used to joke about this….!

A motorist said the officer overtook him before passing the cameraA policeman who broke the speed limit on his way to pick up a Chinese takeaway has escaped a speeding fine.

Pc Stephen Akrill was caught driving a police Land Rover through a speed camera in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, at 48mph in a 40mph zone

He was spotted by a motorist triggering a speed camera and then entering the Wickersley Cantonese takeaway, emerging minutes later with several bags of food.

I know this story is true. Love it. More here

>Another week’s gone by??? Damn…

Spoke to Scotty last night the first time in a few weeks. While time for me is a disappearing in a mundane way, gently meandering towards 2007, I imagine it’s racing by for him, getting ever closer to one of life’s most climatic moments, the birth of BabyG.

I noticed myself wondering about baldness yesterday and the possible treatments available. A few years ago, when I taught at the National Medical Centre in Seoul, a doctor offered me some under-the-counter medicine to prevent baldness, for its far easier to maintain hair than replace it. I turned it down at the time, slightly fearful of taking fairly unnecessary drugs but maybe I took the wrong decision. I’ve planned to get my eyes lasered for the last few years and still intend to so maybe the Elton is gonna be required too.

It goes with the fact that I’m 30 next year. Scotty talked about a diving term ‘spheres of awarenss.’ That being, the awareness a diver experiences when diving. On the first dive you just watch yourself, your air, your buoyancy, acutely aware that you are in an alien environment and must survive. But as you dive more and more, you start to notice the fish, the coral, other divers, expand out from yourself. Your sphere of awareness becomes more larger as you start to interact with the world around you. That’s true of your thirties. Your knowledge is more established, your limitations known, your confidence a driving force. While you may live in your 20s, you can really achieve in your 30s. You often have greater responsibilities to earn for or maintain. Your motivation can be your making.

Well, NUFC were excellent last night against a talented Celta Vigo team. They were rarely in trouble and at times looked authoritative, controlling the second half. Solano looked like the right-back we bought 9 years ago, the rest of the defence looks assured and the team worked tirelessly, chasing every ball and hassling every opponent. In the end, they had nowhere to turn. So we qualify as group winners for the 32 final stage of the UEFA Cup. Yup, it is ludicrously long.

And lastly this weekend sees me watching the rugby on Saturday with a bit of shopping. Sunday involves beer and football with Nathan. After the big game at 2pm between Newcastle and Portsmouth, a must-win game for Glenn, followed by some small game between Chelsea and Manchester United.