Sick to the stomach

So now its Iran and Syria’s fault for the on-going mess that is Iraq. A mess that has cost over to 100,000 Iraqi lives, endless shattered childhoods, a psychological quagmire for years to come. The UN estimates on average 100 Iraqis are killed in violence everyday. The old, discredited semi – dictator Tony comes out with a new policy direction (read; policy direction previously ignored as pointless). And what is the value now? Tony offers a partnership. Is that a partnership of the willing or a partnership of the mutually suspicious? A partnership of the laughing stock and the other states with splitting sides? A partnership of the political defunct and a rising power, off the back of a bunch of international diplomatically lame-duck leaders.

Blair gave up all political credibility, all ability to tell what states to do when he lied about the intelligence. I don’t care what he says, why should other countries? Blair even had the nerve to set tough conditions for Iran and Syria to be allowed to help the invaders. Is he truly insane? Otherwise they will be isolated. Makes you laugh. What isolated how? Like they are already? Or further, when we know full well that Russia and China would never back such actions. This is a desparate move of a man running out of time to make a significant impact on the world, to save face, to save his ass.

Its time to move on of course, from the bitter recriminations but they won’t be forgotten. but when will the trials, in the newspapers, in the courts etc begin? They won’t. Bush got into this for personal, grand and subversive political reasons. Blair just wanted to sit at the top table, to build a legacy that polishes up his moderate domestic legacy after such promise. to put his name down in history as liberator, a man who’s vision transcended mere electioneering. Well, he is undoubtedly infamous now though as a sidekick. It is time to move but when will the analysis of the mess created be apologised for. This grand policy, this grand failure is a shameful indictment of Blair and almost, of our democracy. He has stained the job of Prime Minister, dirtied our politics.

This is not an era of the uneducated mass led by a benevolent elite. We are educated, we can analyse political situations and more importantly the age-old ability to smell bullshit is as intact as ever. We all knew before the war it was unjustified. The Tories have done themselves no favours by backing the war. The bloody-mindedness of Blair, the almost surreal scenes of Blair defending the indefensible leaves you open-mouthed and is ultimately disgusting to watch. It’s a parody show. You would want to help out a friend or family member if they spoke like this. But this isn’t the psychological denial here of a dumped fiance. This is bare-faced lying by an intelligent, stable human being. It’s inexcusable. And then Blair turns it round, trying to make us feel we are don’t understand the nuances and depths of the strategies at work here. Except we don’t live in the 1970s where Kissinger can assist in the killings of elected leaders or trade the deaths of thousands of Bangladeshis for a political detente with China and hide behind the mantra of national security, with Blair’s traditional shoulder shrug, indicating we, simple people, just don’t get it. No we do Tony. We just don’t believe it. We can all see what is happening here. The Internet, the media and mass education have given us the tools to decide for ourselves. And it’s all fairly clear. Even the Americans can see it now.

I can handle corrupt ministers or infidelities, lies and resignations, financial improprieties or racism, bad policies or even cult of personalities. But bare-faced and continually lying is unacceptable from a leader of any kind, let alone our country’s leader. The refusal to acknowledge the entire policy has been disastrous, a view that is univerally regarded as fact amongst the rest of the world, is hugely damaging to this country’s reputation. And you don’t need a clairvoyant to understand the sheer short-sightedness of the invasion. Far from creating a beacon of democracy, we’ve de-stabilised the region, led to the growth of nuclear states, undermined Israel (who then did what they do best in Lebanon) and the cause of Islamic fundamentalism has had fuel thrown all over it across the world. We’ll spend 20 years at least trying to clear this mess up. Part of the responsibility for the London bombings rests with Blair, every British death in Iraq can be traced back to him. It’s shameful time in our political history. It has sullied and degraded our nation.


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