>My Final Frontier?

<– Sombrero Galaxy viewed from the Hubble Space Telescope.

When asked the question, if there was a one-way mission to the next galaxy, would you take it? most shy away and say no. They favour their life too much, state they will miss family and friends and deep down Coronation Street. While those staples are also important to me, I’d jump at the ticket. I travelled to see the new things, cultures and experiences and have become increasingly frustrated at the Western-controlled, Chinese-produced world. I want to be alone to fight my way through bus stations, lost in villages, unable to communicate except through the medium of hands and smiles. So should this mission come up, I’d take it, along with a few books.

It’s down to my travelling which has fostered independent thought and action as well as an on-going childhood fasciantion with the grandness of space. Concepts of the Universe expanding into nothing, of ours being one of millions of galaxies, of our vast, dominant star cowering in it’s ignominess when the megastars are measured. Where do Black Holes lead you too? What happened to the Voyager 1 and 2 that have flown past Saturn, Neptune and Uranus? Is Chewy out there?

Great human achievements like Joseph Kittinger’s 31km leap from a hot-air balloon in 1960 (see post above) formed part of man’s drive to experiment and explore. While incredibly dangerous, it was felt the spacesuit needed to be tested in extreme conditions before men were sent into the unknowns of space wearing them. He freefell for over 250 seconds, reaching speeds over 600mph before opening his parachute. The images from the balloon are phenomenal.

It’s no wish to solve the answers of the Universe. I’m no scientist. I’m not interested in the physics of it all. I just have that child-like wish to look round the corner, under the bed or over the edge. Even if it scares the shit out of me. I don’t expect to meet E.T, Han Solo or any chimps (but if I met some, that would be cool). No, I’ll be fine reading and occasionally glancing out the window. And don’t worry, I’ll take my hat. I imagine it’s cold out there.


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