Team on a Resurrection

I am the Resurrection and I am the light. The Stones Roses

I am sat at work with the radio on and the above tune came on the radio. Not only a tune from my past, not only a foot-tapping wonder but summarises NUFc at the moment.

NUFC win again. 3 wins in a row, unbeaten in 8. Considering the depths we were ploughing a month ago, it’s a great turnaround. Credit to the players who are starting to look their wages. Butt has been a great influence, Martins is starting to look his money, Given is back, supreme as ever, the defence is more organised, possibly down to Nigel Pearson coming in. Not only are we creating chances with pace and flair, importantly we are actually scoring them. The only way is up from here. Can a club side enter the World Cup? Georgie Nation anyone?


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