>World’s Tallest Man Saves Dolphin

>The world’s tallest man has saved two dolphins by using his long arms to reach into their stomachs and pull out dangerous plastic shards. Mongolian herdsman Bao Xishun was called in after the dolphins swallowed plastic used around their pool at an aquarium in Fushun, north-east China.

This is a great story. More here.

I knew tall people were useful for more than getting boxes off the top of the wardrobe. I have always been fascinated by the size of things. I always loved the Guiness Book of Records every year, seeing what had changed. But I was always fascinated by the tallest, the fattest, the oldest of species. The heaviest elephant, biggest crocodile, oldest human.

So here are the world’s tallest humans. There is something ridiculously magnificent about these people. An overwhelming oddness. When someone very tall walks in the room, you can’t help but stare, slightly open-mouthed. You almost feel like congratulating them on their ‘achievement’.

I’ve had the same situation when I met some others in other forms of life. I peppered a girl from Bemruda with dumbass questions in when I randomly met her in Mexico City earlier this year. After all, you have know about that damn disappearing ship malarky. And that poor Scottish guy in Argentina 3 years ago is probably still avoiding brown-haired smirkers after I pre-fixed every question with “I know this is probably stupid but…”. For this guy had just come back from Antartica after 2 years on the British base. Amazing stuff and they didnt even have TV or the internet there. That’s some quality book reading time there.

Apparently this Indian guy, Vikas Uppal, is now over 8ft 8in and as it says, not much is known about his present duckings through doorways life. Dr Luke was trying to persuade me to go to India recently and if ever there was a reason, that’s it. DELHI!!

More tall people here.


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