>Merry Xmas Guys

>Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2007.

It’s been a great year for me even as I age in body and mind. New Year in Cambodia, followed by months travelling around Vietnam, Indonesia, America, Mexico and Central America and Cuba, then New York and Europe. James’ wedding came and went and told a lot. We all looked the same but we’re not. Which isn’t a bad thing either. I wish I could have talked to Jamesy a little more but there was more to the day that that.

I’ve worked and met many new good
friends this year, as well as reinforcing the friendships I am blessed to have already. I’ve seen a lot of my family for once, catching up with the new additions and felt more comfortable with them. Next year will be important for formulating the plans I intend to put into practice over the next 5 years. Much to do but I’m in good shape for it all. I have missed my friends recently. Having many friends is great except they are so spread out that it makes me wonder how often I can see them. I guess I need to get married and have a huge stag do.

I’ll catch up with Scotty and Sarah next year as well LP, the mates in Korea and the boys from University and other friends. You are never forgotten and Jeroen, I’ll be there in April. I might even go back to Japan. After a quick trip round the Middle East and a summer in Poland, I’ll be looking better than this (<–). Well now, its 4pm Friday, the 22nd of December. I am off for a few well-earned beers or 10.

Buena suerte mi amigos.


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