Merry Xmas??

> Merry Xmas ???

So how you all doing in these post-Xmas days? Its not the same Xmas is it as you get older? As a kid, it’s about pretending to be asleep when your Mum sneaks in to put some presents on the bed or being waken by your sisters to charge downstairs and debauch the wrapping.

I originally wanted an Ipod for Xmas but quickly changed my mind. Watching a kid on the train encased in his own world is a failure of modern soceity. A move to privacy and personal space in times where greater interaction is required. And beyond that, it takes away from your personality with others, your ability to observe and the soundtrack to your life. You miss out listening in on all those random conversations but more importantly you’d lack the inspired moments brought on by a feeling, a turn of word or an image that leads a man to song. I love singing, love the way my inner voice tells me how I really am. There is little better than understanding you are happy by the songs that you sing. I always find that the song I am humming is reflective of my inner being. When I am gloriously mumbling The Masterplan by Noel Gallagher, I am close to breaking out in am outrageous smile.

So what has Christmas brought for you? Well mine was fairly ordinary but pleasant. Two serious hangovers at the behest of old mates Nathan and Dr Luke, abit of work, some reading and study. As a time of celebration, Christmas has lost its meaning for me but when I got the text from Scotty on Boxing Day informing one and all that Sarah had given birth to Aalia, their first child, I smiled a-more. Of course, it didn’t help the hangover the next day, but it put it all in a nicer perspective.


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