>The Trial of Tony Blair

>Both men are disappointed New Labour supporters. “I had never belonged to a political party in my life but, like most of the nation, I was full of hope when New Labour came to power,” says Aukin. “I didn’t mind a little betrayal of socialist ideals,” says Beaton, “but the war was it.”

The above are the words of the producers of The Trial of Tony Blair, a satirical review of the Blair years. The drama is set in 2010 and features a Blair forlorn over his legacy.

“Cherie – do you think my legacy’s secure?”
“I just want to be sure. It won’t be Iraq they remember me for?”
“No,” replies Cherie unconvincingly, “I’m sure it won’t be.”

Its exactly how I feel about Blair. Sheer disappointment in him and a grand apathy to modern politics. More on the drama here.


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