>Good Luck Lad

>So Becks has moved on and good on him. The vitriolic abuse he gets in this country is tiresome. Do we not remember the goal against Greece that saved us from possibly non-qualification? Do United fans not remember the years of service putting in crosses all strikers thrived off ? He consistently worked hard on the field, a charity worker and an admired face of Britain abroad.

What else could he have done? Why come back to England and have to listen to the fans abuse or be hounded by the press? He wouldn’t be able to keep up with the game and anyway, where else is there to go after Manchester United and Real Madrid? When Figo moved to Saudi Arabia, no one called him a shot-player or a failure. When Zidane retired at 34, no one called him a drop-out.

Like Robbie Williams, he has moved to LA to live and achieve. The mood amongst bloggers, ex-footballers and on phone-ins is a depressing indictment of the cynicism and negativity that accompanies success in this country. I thought it was the newspapers but it become clear that they merely reflect the mood of the people. The Americans while often full of guff, appreciate talent and respect achievement. They will welcome him the way some would reject him here.

Many seem to act as if Becks has let the country down throughout his career. His domestic career is full of success and while his England career wasn’t a great success, no English player has won anything since 1966. And was it his fault that he was picked by successive managers? But the real crux for these fans is that Becks has move on financially and become the face of dozens of products, seemingly leaving the rest of us behind. And that’s the rub. While we want success on some level, on deeper levels we want to be able to jeer and moan especially about the success of others.

Those who have started small and made a success of themselves know the feeling of the workers, sarcastically looking up to the Boss. It’s part of the English disease. One day they may learn to appreciate achievement. But like the weather, it must remain grey for some.

Becks said, the greatest honour in his career was to play with Zindine Zidane. I can understand those sentiments from just watching Zidane. For to play football is to feel football and just to play is enough for me. I can appreciate a good player when I see one, not matter what shirt he wears.

Well, good luck David Beckham. A nice guy, done well. I applaud you.


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