>Free to Be

>“Man is born free but lives his life in chains” – Rousseau.

I left work last night on the dot. Nothing unusual about that. I don’t believe in slaving for something I don’t believe in. I said bye, jumped on my bike and rode, beaming like a rainbow. I cycled my way home, at a pace, my head held high, legs pumping, getting weary as the slight breeze couldn’t hold me back. On other days, that breeze, as you ride towards work cuts you down to a mere man but yesterday it could hold me no more. For I am free. All that lies ahead of me is my road. Where it will take me, it has yet to inform me. I may only find out when I arrive. But I’m looking forward to discovering.

It could be my last trip for a while. And I’m as optimistic as I ever have been about it. There is time and there are places. And I am free.


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