Riding the Big Bamboo

Interesting website this. It’s about a film for women who look to rent-a-rasta. 80,000 women flock to Jamaica every year looking for some attention and sex in return for money, jewellery and designer clothes.

The women come out with the same phrases you’d hear from a man, if women gave them time to get their words out before slapping their face!! ; ” I’m a divorced 40-something. No one looks at me. Here I get hit on all the time.” or “I’m not naïve, I’ve been around the block. I come for sex, of course the sun, but mostly the sex” said Karen from Devon . (*tries to remember the neighbours names!!*)

It’s the same deal in Thailand, the Philippines and other sex trade areas. The ultimate market business. The big Nigerian lads aren’t there for a tan but to service the Japanese women who come down looking for something they can’t get at home without being cast aside socially.

So while the streets of Bangkok may be crawling with middle-aged men, looking for that love, women are doing the same, just a little more circumspectly I imagine. So when you see old, sad, divorced Shelia coming back from her holidays with a smile on her face, it’s not just the sun that has refreshed her but the ‘big bamboo.


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