>Big Bother

>Well we all know how fond of nostalgia C4 is so I guess they are merely just taking us back to the era of Alf Garnett. I have never watched the program before but I’m interested now, not to see the British trash show themselves up for what they are but to see the British reaction to it all.

Like all nations, we have our racism and while it tends to be covert, it runs through all levels of society. There will undoubtedly be an overreaction by the media and politicians, keen to sell themselves. But for me what is more fundamental here has been the post-90s celebration of untalented people who simply use the motto “it’s a free world” to abuse everyone in sight while kids would rather be good at a PlayStation than read a book (or even have the ability to read a book). Danielle Lloyd was previously famous for being Teddy Sheringham’s girlfriend and the girl who thought Winston Churchill was black because the bust near her house in London was black.

But at least the nation is recognising the bullying and condemning it. The racist issues is more difficult to define but there are strident elements. Every overreaction eventually corrects itself to a degree but hopefully the kids watching will understand the moral issues here and move the country on somewhat. Whether we can find an answer to the chavs is difficult without drastic human liberties curbs. There is something in that too.

I heard the interview this morning with the Channel 4 chairman and was surprised the interviewer continued to give him the oxygen of publicity as the chairman repeated the same answer “we have released a statement already” maybe 6 times, making no attempt to apologise. Truly pathetic stuff. For such a savvy company to be caught out and then have no answer is surprising. They are obviously worried about their classy cash cow here. I guess TV does make you look bigger than you really are.


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