>Rough ride Morocco Part 1

>In Morocco at the mo, struggling with an Arabic keyboard. Just thought I would note down a few observations etc. thye trip will take to Andalusia in Spain, then over to Turkey and Armenia. From there I will either head south to Israel and Egypt or into Croatia.

Well I landed in Marrakech, old imperial capital, full of markets, snake charmers, cafes, noise and pollution. its lively and fun for q few days but you have to get out asap. got hammered with a french guy on the first night and found out a hooker is about $80. I didnt indulge but the french dude almost did. the bar had a seedy element aka the Russian mafia as most business bars do. the food is class and cheap, mainly kebabs, chicken (saw one get his neck snapped today…lovely) and salads.

its a modernising place though. many young women dont wear head dresses and everyone is trying to look good. as usual though for the middle east, cafes are full of men talking while the women are taking care of the kids in the squares or at home. people are very friendly though often they want to sell you stuff. Its cheap but you dont need a pair of pointed slippers often. the hassle is generally handleable. everyone speaks arabic but also french fluently which is a god send to me) and thye young speak english well. theres a lot of poverty here but its never dangerous.

i took a bus out to the desert and stayed in the town they filmed part of Gladiator and tried to go quadding but its low season. still, the desert is just awe inspiring to look at. been chilling here for a few days and tonight I am catching a night bus to Casablanca. I will definitely head to Sams Bar and a Raja Casablanca football game where i predict a riot, will try and surf just north of Casa and hit a bar as I have been dry for a week. the lee murray court case is next wednesday in Rabat just north of Casa. gonna make that too.any qs just ask. i will post pics when i get to a better internet cafe.



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