>Sevilla Night Swimming Part 1

I can barely explain what happened this night. Alot of drinks, two Aussies and an İrishman, some absenthe and then christening the hostel pool in – degree temperatures for a bet. Then too much ritalın and 2 days later, İ still hadn’t slept. Became abıt of a legend in the hostel but when you feel like İ did, it ain’t funny.

In the pıctures, you have İrish Dewlyn ın the green (naturally) and then Cam and Ellen from Perth, Oz. Doug, the space engineer was there too. İ went on a speech at some point about how useful people lıke Doug are to the world when the rest of us are here holding our dicks. Normally that means bedtıme, except the Ritalin was yet to come. Silly Dan!!


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