>I don’t even want to talk about the game last night. I barely watched it after the appalling first half. While I have ranted about McClaren before and seemingly quite rightly, the performance was so poor, it merits a moment of contemplation. Those poor guys and girls who flew out to Tel Aviv for the game, spending serious cash to do so deserve some money back from the players, the management and above all the FA, who employed this muppet.

Above all, it highlights the lack of depth England has going forward especially when Gerrard is shackled. Strikers like Johnson, Defoe are not good enough and NEVER will be. Nor is Crouch but at least he offers a threat of some sort. Implying that somehow Lennon is the answer is bullshit. Rooney hasn’t turned up for England for almost 3 years. The system is wrong as always. Unless you have a player like Zidane or Maradona, you have to play a system and run over the opposition, be it with skill, pace or power. We aren’t the best passers in the world so do what we are good at. While it is stereotype to a degree but having watched a lot of Spanish football recently, English football is far more direct and that’s the way we have to play. Fuck the beautiful game. Win some fucking matches.


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