>Lamps out:

According to Si’s email:

Class. Fat Twat Out. So Lampard’s broken his wrist? Let’s hope it’s not his double quarterpounder with cheese and family size chocolate milkshake holding one.

Lucky McClaren. He doesn’t have to make a decision. the story was Hargreaves was going to be dropped as England were going for goals. read: McClaren didn’t want to make a decision. The blood was boiling when I heard that idea.

While I understand you rotate players for this game especially with the view that we should beat Andorra by many, what happens next game against the Russians? McClaren, as usual, solves a problem by ignoring it.

I have a friend who did this. Irish lad. drank too much and worried about it. so he started smoking to take his mind of it. now he smokes too much and drinks too much but only worries about the smoking. what’s next?


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