>NOVA girl murdered

>A British girl, aged 23, Lindsay Ann Hawker was found murdered on Monday after going to a student’s apartment to give a private lesson. She left her apartment, leaving the address of her student with her house mates but when she failed to answer her phone the next day, they called the police who found her in the bath, covered in sand (?).

The student, Tatsuya Ichihashi is now on the run and is the only suspect. Hawker had only been in Japan for a few months and naivety/greed has got her killed. Having lived in Japan and done private lessons, its well-known that you meet on neutral ground and considering she had complained she’d been followed the previous week, going to a single Japanese man’s apartment was naive in the extreme.

Her family has gone out to identify the body which seems a formality now. Her boyfriend is amongst them. People who don’t know Japan fail to understand what a bubble Japan is, how unique it is. It’s social conventions are far different to the West. Kids as young as 8 have house keys to let themselves into their houses as the parents are busy away working. They cook and play alone. Its so common, it’s coined the name key kids. Working in Tokyo or Osaka is seen as the only choices post-graduation and this accentuates the loneliness.

Japan is a fascinating place but this tragic case is a lesson to not get caught in the lights.


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