>Owen Hargreaves

>Click the title for Owen Hargreaves’ column. the guy makes a lot of sense and his answers to the questions at the bottom so a genuine keen brain and enthusiasm for football. England need more of players like and Stevie G.

Who is the best player you have played with – and the best you have played against?

Alain Grimaitre, Switzerland

Playing against Zinedine Zidane was incredible. He was a step ahead of everyone else, he controlled exactly what happened on the pitch. He was absolute magician with the ball. He was really difficult to play against because it was so tempting to sit there and be mesmerised by him, admire his skill and completely forget you had to be getting stuck into him!

One of the best I have ever played with is Paul Scholes. He has such a sharp football brain and was also a great trainer and a great professional. I thought he was the best player in England training every day. He is such a clever player – he can pass, tackle, shoot, score tremendous goals. He was great to play with and also to watch. I certainly looked up to him when I first joined the England squad.

I won’t say much but the atmosphere in the pub during the Andorra game was simmering anger. Like the Israeli game, people started giving up and the relief was enormous when Gerrard scored.


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