When We Were Young

I found some old pics when I go back home and rifled through my old stuff, the kind of memories you don’t want to throw away but with the increasing storage on computers and minimalisation of the world, it seems somehow gluttonous. I also wondered if the boys had some of these pics. So here they are. You’ll probably recognise some of them.

<– Alex – May 1998, just coming back from a ‘holiday ‘ in Thailand. This was the night of the Hall Ball at which we all had a great time. AC looking fresh-faced is seen in his room. He is back at uni now, 10 years later but for a better cause, as a student of medicine.
I see AC often and the boy is as cool as ever.

Left is Tom, June 2002, in Metro nightclub in Kyoto with Yumi in the background. Shauny and Si were there that night too. Memorable it was. Shauny, Si, AC and LP’s mate Kenny had come over for the World Cup.

As an ever-changing group, we ploughed across the country looking for games, bars and beers, entertaining ourselves as we only could. The England v Argentina night in Sapporo with Shauny, crashing the game with illegal tickets which plonked us on the halfway line, singing and holding on through the nerves, to the England v Nigeria day and night session followed by AC and Dan’s nights in Tokyo on the wine then up to Niigata, the game, the magic mushrooms, John Barnes, that party, World in Motion and that little family under LP’s arm on the train and our own Inamoto. Then charging to Korea and the whiskey night. A month which could be forgotten under the blaze of alcohol but too good to lose.

Tom is still in Bangkok. I’ve stayed with him about 6 or 7 times in the last 2 years. We’ll hook up next year. Tom is the kind of guy who always brings a smile to your face.

Left is Si in karaoke in Hiroshima. Just two guys, a lot of sake and beer and the young lad who ran the place, dancing for us.

Si and I met at university, during a meeting for a project we had to do for politics. When we met up in a boozer, I knew this was gonna be an all-nighter.
What was great about Si coming over to Japan is his quest for life and beer and his willingness to try any ridiculous drink. We have that in common as well as his passion for football and politics. The fact that he makes always sense aids me no end.

Si said emailed these words recently which I loved..”I don’t have anyone else with whom I can as easily talk about politics as I can big knockers and table tennis. I like it, a lot. It’s thinking, and drinking outside the box.”

I haven’t seen Si since last summer, a beer fuelled few days at Ade’s place. But we have plans for this summer.

Left is Dr Luke, Steve and me, August 1997 at Univesral Studios, LA.

10 years ago eh? We look a touch worn now but have maintained our friendship. Dr Luke is now an eye surgeon while Steve is a big honcho at HSBC though he’s about to leave for 2 years or so in Oz.

This LA trip was part of our round-the-world effort. LA had a lot of highlights. the drunken nights at Banana Bungalows (sadly closed when I went past recently), the trip to Mexico, the swimming pool night, the night with the German girl and for me, my jaunt to Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

I’ll catch up with Steve in May and Dr Luke is coming to Amsterdam with me later this month.

And last but not least, Shauny and Andy Carlin, in that Mexican place on West Street in our beloved Sheffield, December 1999.

I can’t remember who’s Bday this was but it no doubt ended with us in Pop Tarts. I fondly remember these nights. I wasn’t bar staff anymore but it still seemed like it with the free drinks and circle of friends. The ex-GF was away at the time so it gave me a different perspective on life which has helped me greatly since.

You don’t want to see what I looked like then. Ohhh, bad haircut.


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