Eunuchs are the new insane


I just watched this insane show about eunuchs. it was a documentary following 4 to be eunuchs round.

1. we had Roger from England who had them removed 5 years ago cos basically he was a fattie. Roger cries a lot and you actually feel a bit sorry for him.

2. Then Zee from Washington State is gay and was having hugely confused feelings so with his constantly crying, lard-ass mother, he flies to Philly and get them removed by Dr Kimmell who has removed 12,000 sets of testicles in his prestigious career. Zee then heads out to the hills to tell his old man. Dad took it reasonably well. One month Zee is wondering if he did the right thing. he was only 20.

3. Crazy Bill from California believes his sex drive for women is so high, the best way to deal with it is to SELF-castrate himself with what farmers castrate cows with. he believes it will reduce his testosterone levels and he is so sure in his belief that now considers sex almost an offensive subject. His sister, after hearing the news on camera tells us that he is smart and as long as he is happy, then he did what was best. Later Bill get the doctors to test his testosterone level and naturally it has done nothing to change his levels. He is now considering proper surgery.

4. Last but NEVER least, Father Benedict in small mid-east town. The preacher with huge earrings like the Amazonian Indians and his GF (who he later marries) and looks remarkably like a dude, live and preach to a small congregation of fellow out-there people. Later we are not surprised to learn that Christine is actually called Tom. But hey, she/he has breasts and a penis still. Father Benedict tells us he has a very large penis for a white male and Christine confirms. He also has a vagina behind his dick and shows us. the urethra has been funnelled down to there. at the end of the show they tell us that he and his new wife are looking for a salve to share their life.


I don’t disagree with people becoming eunuchs. And obviously the programme makers will highlight certain factors to enhance the show’s appeal but in all cases the eunuchs chose options which surely couldn’t have been thought through rationally and discussed widely. To severe your own testicles? to get them cut off at 20? I often just think we need better people around us. People who will listen and don’t come from a perspective. I am not advocating psychiatrists, just asking people to live and learn before making life-changing decisions.


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