>Cricket Snooze Cup

>I like cricket. I like one-day and full Test cricket. I don’t follow it like a man follows his team. It’s difficult to get that passionate. After all, it’s cricket. It’s not meant to be so openly aggressive. Under the pressed trousers, small rivalries are played out but for the supporters, its a gentle and hear-warming method to have a few beers in the sun.

So now to the Cricket One-Day World Cup. Long name isn’t it? Well not as long as the tournament which seems to have started sometimes last year and continues onwards until Brazil holds the football World Cup in 2014. Seems crazy eh? Well, okay, it’s not that long but when is it ever going to end? While it hasn’t disturbed my regular life in almost any way, it does make you wonder whether anyone is still watching. There have been so many groups stages and games as to render many pointless and the viewer numb.

I hear that it is finally coming towards closure. It will probably be considered one to forget. By the time it ends, Bob Woolmer will have been dead for 3 years and the West Indies won’t remember a thing about it. I would be surprised if they knew it was actually going on now. After all, they can’t afford to get in the stadiums.

It’s another hangover from the colonial era. Old tradition elites hanging onto power in their areas. We see it in rugby and football too. A legacy that needs to cleaned up before the sports are driven to splitting. It’s getting close in rugby where the 57 old farts comment of Will Carling still echoes at the RFU. Using the triple jump as an analogy, we’ve hopped into professionalism, skipped into big money TV deals but now have to to fully jump into professional administration.


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