>Some Quick Photos from my trip

Sevilla’s Central Square, Andalusia

Full of art and mock-art, I have a blast in this city. It’s not quite as beautiful as Granada but larger and with greater cultural and drinking possibilites. I had to get out of this town after four 5 days for my own health’s sake.

A tannery, Fes, Morocco

The men here work all day in the sun, skipping between pots to soak the hides in dye. Labourious and time – consuming work, a relic of the past maybe but curious to see.

Quadding in Goreme, Central Turkey.

A great day quadding through the 5 valleys, speeding along like a child on his second bike. The sun pattered down as we rode around the weird rock formations that make that area so unique. I would go back happily.

<–Goreme, Turkey

Dan belly-dancing in front of maybe 400 people. I say belly-dancing loosely and even the word loose should never be applied to my dancing. I got volunteered by the hostel owner, downed a glass of raki and headed to have some fun.

Sunset over Princes Island, IstanbulI took the boat south with a girl I met in the hostel on the recommendation of Andy from Korea. He lived there for two years and his ideas proved cool. This dog which is far bigger than it looks followed us for a few hundred metres. While the boat took far longer than we anticipated, we timed it just about right.


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