>Wojtek’s Istanbul Pictures

>Here are some pictures taken by Wojtek, a cool Polish guy I met in Istanbul. We were staying the same hostel but really got to talking at the Polish Party. There were about 12 young Poles staying at the hostel, on an architecture tour with their professor and on their last night, we all had a grand party with Polish sausage and vodka. Twas great fun.

Wojtek and I first talked about Indonesia, a place we both loved and then moved on to other stories from this world. It was an interesting conversation and I think we’ll have more in the future.

Here are some of his pictures, taken on a Russian Zenit camera which is over 20 years old and belonged to his father. While they seem dark and grainy, he brings out the immediacy of some and longevity of others. It takes a rare eye to see such a picture and hold it. And it shows a human side to Istanbul, a city and a country on many edges.


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