>Alex meets Noel

>I just got an excited phone call from Alex, one of my best mates. He is busy studying at Uni right now, back there more than 10 years after the first time but this time stepping up and studying medicine. It’s Rag week right now, a week dedicated to raising money for charity. For the last few days, Al has been boarding the tube trains, giving a short explanatory speech and asking for any change.

While in the middle of his speech on an east bound train this afternoon, Al spots Noel Fielding, one of the stars of The Mighty Boosh, an alternative British comedy. The observation interrupts Al’s thought patterns to such an extent he stopped his speech and acclaimed Noel to the carriage. “That guy is a legend.” The carriage was amused as was Noel and Al got more than £500 over the day.

Al truly believes it too. His enthusiasm got me interested in the show and after initially being a sceptic of such a dry show, I began to chuckle, smile and finally laugh out loud. It’s illogical genius of plotting, terrible sets and magical tangents make laughter irresistible.


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