My New Job Revisited

Well its not quite what I hoped. It’s well – paid, relaxed and undramatic. But I am deeply bored. I feel like I am drying up. I have responses to say, one liners I would normally throw out with a cheeky smile. But it just feels somewhat inappropriate. I feel dull there.

It’s merely data processing in reality. Dealing with minor infringements which holds up the system. There is little human contact. It feels stale, sterile and inhuman. I get talked to in acronyms, while we use numerous incompatible programs making small adjustments. That’s why it’s well-paid. Up to £30 an hour on weekends.

I will stay there as long as I can stand it. Maybe 3 months. I have met others there. Danny got along great with my friends last weekend. That is a fine bonus but I just wonder how I can spend my thirtieth year in such a soulless environment. I can barely ever remember what I meant to be doing. Why remember? I am learning nothing right now except a pathetic ability to switch between spreadsheets.

Don’t ever believe anything about your government working for you. They are trying to keep their own jobs, wasting vast amounts of money in the name of targets which keep the higher-uppers in favour. Our agency alone has has 3 bosses in 18 months. The huge irony of the new policy from Europe is it is planned to be the last supper of government handouts here. It was designed to be so uneconomic the general populace will start asking serious questions and call for the abolition of handouts to farmers, merely for having land.

Myabe it’s the hayfever, maybe the sitting in a generic office on spring days or maybe I am tired and sullen. I don’t know. I feel I should be doing more with myself. But it’s just impatience. This job will give me a platform for the next 10 years. At least I have Amsterdam to look forward to this weekend. And I will tell you about that later this week. Gonna be an awesome trip.


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