>Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

>Where do you start? This book is a tour-de-force, a tsunami of creativity. I have never read such a book with such a plot. Nabokov uses the main character to narrate the story of a man who lusts after young girls (or nymphets as he calls them). He flicks between adoration and jealousy, initially manipulating Lolita while instilling a fear in her that their love will be broken up by others. These others start to play in the narrator’s mind as he believes they are being followed. He is right though and Lolita is not so innocent after all.

But the magic of this book is in the literary style as expressed by the narrator Humbert Humbert. He is fantastically creative, devising new words or names to suit the moment, shockingly blase sexually, devious with his second wife to an appalling degree while coldly brutal with his first wife. Humbert pulls you in so many ways, you are surprised to find yourself laughing at times of death while unnerved as he talks of love.

In short, read it and read it again. It requires it.


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