>Giggs hangs up his sicknote

>A quality article here about Gigg’s retirement and his ‘dedication’ to Wales.

>Every cloud…..

>Working like a dog. I am fine though. My mind has entered some kind of time warp, leaving me unclear of the day, what I did the previous days and wondering where my legs are carrying me and why. I’m being paid triple time right now on weekends which doubles my wage so I have worked the last 22 days and will continue until the overtime ends sometime next month. It’s left me laughing out loud at times, smiling and giggling through some kind of nervous tension. That kind of illogicality has aided by creative thoughts but leaves me empty when I have to summon the thoughts to paper.

By July, I’ll have the disposable cash to get that laptop, my eyes fixed and have the cash for Kilimanjaro and Spain. Did I tell you that? I’ll repeat it again for my own smile. I am going to Tanzania in September to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. AC and me.

Before that, I’ll fly to Bilbao with Dr Luke, hook up with Delwyn, my drinking buddy in Seville, traverse the Pyrennees to Barcelona where I’ll finally meet up with Carole after a few years. Sarah is there too. Then back to Amsterdam to watch Newcastle United before flying into London and a mammoth drinking session with Scotty at the England v Wales rugby at Twickenham. Tough eh?

Anna and I have promised we’ll get to Northern India next year and LP and I will travel along Indonesia to New Guinea, taking pics and writing stories. I’ll get to Australia as well to see Steve and Lucy in their new place, meet up with Matt and Minka a year after their wedding and get that T-shirt to Ben in Melbourne. And then I’ll finally go back to Japan.

I know alot of the above was me, me, me. But I enjoyed it and hopefully I will be able to meet up with everyone along the way. That would be grand.


“We’ll probably get 500lb to 700lb of sausages out of him.”

The male wild pig, which is said to weigh half a ton and measure more than 9ft long, was apparently killed by Jamison Stone, aged 11, a schoolboy from Alabama, while out hunting with his father Mike.

The dead boar has been hailed as a contender for the largest wild pig ever found, but the Stones are unsentimental about their trophy.

More here.

>Gotta love Boca

>Most football fans – true football fans – say they will support their club through thick and thin until the day they die.There are few more passionate fans anywhere in the world than those that follow Argentina’s Boca Juniors. And to prove it, they take their support to the grave in Boca Juniors coffins. The coffins only come in two colours – blue and yellow. For those are the club colours.

More here.

>US ‘sex addict’ sues over firing.

>A man in the US is suing IBM for $5m (£2.5m) in a wrongful dismissal case after he was fired for visiting adult internet chat rooms while at work.

James Pacenza, 58, says he was addicted to online chat rooms and that IBM should have offered him sympathy and treatment instead of firing him.

The Vietnam War veteran says he has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder since 1969.

He argues that he used the internet to control his psychological problems.


Mr Pacenza says that seeing his best friend killed in action while they were on patrol in Vietnam in 1969 brought on his post-traumatic stress disorder.

He says that his psychological problems have left him addicted to sex, especially adult internet chat rooms.

>See ya soon fella

>Still working hard here. I will be too for another 8 days or so. The money is just too good to turn down. Some inspirational news though. Alex, my old mate had been calling for days but I never caught him. Eventually we talked during half time of the dismal FA Cup Final last Saturday. His first words were;

Hey Dan. Do you remember you wanted us to climb Kilimanjaro this year? Well I’ll be in Kenya for a few weeks working in August and well you know while there I figured we could climb it. Reckon you can make it?

Of course I can, fella. I’d put anything on hold for that kind of opportunity. Ever since reading Willard price’s adventure books, I’ve loved the idea of Kilimanjaro. To see it would be enough but once there, you have to try and get to the summit. Its 5800m high. But oddly it’s not a difficult climb. It’s such a massive lump of rock, the climb is more of a long hike. However only 40% get to the top. Altitude sickness accounts for most of the rest. The climb is for 6 days and we’ll go on safari as well as spend a few days on th beaches of Mombasa.

It strangely fits right in my schedule. And I’ll have the money for it too. This year I plan to get my eyes lasered this year, buy Dad’s SLR off him, learn to drive, pass those Japanese exams and get a laptop. New Guinea next year with LP too. Makes you smile.

>Sucks to be her

>I am the leading NEE party senate candidate in Belgium. And due to popular demand, I will give 40,000 blowjobs to anyone who requests one on this page.

According to my planning this would take me 500 days to tour around the world, visiting all the ones who signed up for a blowjob on this page, giving 80 blowjobs per day. So the offer is limited, sign up while you still can.

Apparently she is a serious candidate. Have a look here. Sign up if you like.